In The Feels: Sixth Grader's New Hobby Helps Out Her Whole School District.

When the pandemic began, sixth grader Keena Schroeder of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, rolled up her sleeves and learned how to bake cheesecakes.

With a little practice, Keena became an excellent baker -- and started a company called “Bug’s Bakery,” with the name inspired by her nickname, Bug.

As she started selling cheesecakes, money rolled in. Keena and her dad brainstormed ways to use that money -- and decided to donate some of it to charity.

So now, $5 from the sale of each cheesecake goes to a program in her school district that helps kids in need afford school lunches. Keena recently presented a check for $1000 to the school board to help out.

And, her work isn’t done. Keena says she’s going to continue to make and sell cheesecakes as long as people want to buy them.

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