Lindsey's Favorite Places To Kayak & Paddleboard

I know it's a little late in the season to post about spots to kayak and paddle board, but I've had so much fun this summer doing both that I felt like I should share my favorite spots! Even if you can't get out on the water 'till next season, you should definitely check these spots out. Here are my favorites, in no particular order:

1) Dillon Reservoir (photos above)

Dillon Reservoir is my go to water spot when I'm in Summit County. It's HUGE, so there are lots of spots to put in. You can even camp on the reservoir if you make a reservation! If you're ever looking to be on the water in Summit County, you should definitely check Dillon Reservoir out.

2) Eleven Mile Reservoir (photos above)

I've only kayaked and paddle boarded here twice, but both times were awesome. It's located inside Eleven Mile State Park, so there's a small fee, but it's totally worth the 7 bucks. There are also camping spots along some of the shores, but you have to make a reservation first.

3) Ridgway Reservoir (photos above)

We went to Ridgway Reservoir last September on a cross-Colorado road trip, and it was really awesome. The pictures don't do it justice, as there happened to be lots of wildfire smoke from a nearby wildfire at the time. It's definitely on my list to check out again when the air is clear. You can camp very close to the reservoir, but you'll have to hike down to actually get to it. Well worth the hike, though.

4) Stagecoach Reservoir (photo above)

This is a spot near Steamboat Springs that I tried out with a friend a few weeks back, and it did not disappoint! Easy access to the water and the reservoir itself is pretty dang big. I was having so much fun I only got the one photo...

5) North/South Catamount Reservoirs (photos above)

North Catamount Reservoir, South Catamount Reservoir and Crystal Creek Reservoir are all located on Pikes Peak, and they have some amazing mountain views! You have to pay a small fee to get there but, again, totally worth it. One thing worth mentioning is sometimes the water levels can be very low if you go early in the season, so it's best to look them up online before you go.

6) Quail Lake (photos above)

Quail Lake is a spot I've known about for a long time, but for some reason I never got around to checking it out. Until I moved a few minutes away a couple of months ago and now we go at least once a week. It's not the biggest Reservoir ever, but loading in and out is super easy and you can't beat the proximity to the city!

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