Cop Uses a Taser to Wake Up 11 Year Old Sleeping in Class

So the ethical side of me says this is totally wrong and not cool... The dad in me that has two kids that refuse to wake up to their alarm clocks to get ready on time for school says, "where can I sign my kids up?"   I kid, I kid!


An 11-year-old girl fell asleep in class earlier this week at Liberty Preparatory School in Smithville, Ohio. Her teacher couldn't wake her up, and neither could the school's interim principal, so they called School Resource Officer Maryssa Boskoski to see if she could roust the young lass from her slumber. She succeeded--by whipping out her Taser and shocking the smithereens out of the poor girl. "I was a little surprised by it," the principal said of Boskoski's decision to Tase the girl. (Uh, yeah!) Boskoski, a part-time cop and Air Force reservist, is on unpaid leave and might lose her job. The Washington Post reports that she was disciplined for a separate Taser-related incident a month ago.