Woman's 100th Birthday Wish to go to Jail Comes True!

North Carolina woman Ruth Bryant has been a good girl for the past century--but she broke bad for her 100th birthday. The AP reports that the Person County Sheriff’s Office helped Bryant cross an unusual item off her bucket list this week when two deputies showed up at her assisted living facility to mock-arrest her. She was served a warrant for indecent exposure, handcuffed to her walker and placed in a squad car, playfully kicking the cops as they warned her not to put up a fight. “Don’t kick me; I’ve got a bad knee!” one deputy reportedly told her, while Bryant replied, “I’ve got two bad knees!” Bryant ultimately got a mugshot taken and spent a few minutes in a cell before leaving with an orange "PERSON COUNTY JAIL” shirt. “I’m in the jailhouse now! I finally got here!” she exclaimed. She later returned to a birthday party at her assisted living center complete with a cake, which no doubt had a file baked into it