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O.J. Simpson Chimes In On Deshaun Watson's 6 Game Suspension

O.J. Simpson Trial Continues In Las Vegas

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The NFL slapped Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson on the wrist with six game suspension, so OJ decided he'd put in his opinion on it all. Maybe sit this one out OJ.

Watson was accused by 24 women of sexual misconduct in massage sessions in 2020 and early 2021 and was sued. Despite some pretty telling evidence in many of the cases, The NFL's independent disciplinary officer, handed down only a six-game suspension for Watson on Monday.

Judge Sue L. Robinson issued her decision in a 16 page document. She cited a common practice of Watson using a smaller towel than normal in an effort to create sexual contact with his genitals.  She wrote, “He insisted on using a towel, increasing the probability of exposure. He insisted on having the therapists focus on areas of his body that not uncommonly triggered erections. And he engaged in this pattern of conduct multiple times."

With this ruling, the NFL felt six games was a sufficient suspension.... AAAAND so did O.J. Simpson apparently.

I'm betting if there's ANYBODY that Deshaun wants to endorse and be on his side during this time.... it's probably not the man who ALLEGEDLY slaughtered his ex-wife and her boyfriend on her doorstep.

But... here we are!

Simpson said, "I think he was probably out of line with some of the girls, and I think that some of the girls jumped on board because there was a chance at making money." Hot take there Juice. Maybe let's not shame the victims in an assault case... or maybe we just DON'T NEED YOUR EXPERTISE when it comes to abusive men!

He went on to say, "I'd just like to see it go away." I'm sure you would bro. Just like that whole "did he murder his ex-wife rumor?" Right!?

Look O.J. maybe just sit this one out. I agree with Dan's tweet:

It should be noted, Watson continues to deny the allegations and was never been arrested or charged with a crime. He did payout big checks to several of the women involved.

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