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Sadie Young

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Here's Today's List With Sadie

Someone asked people to name things in dating profiles that are immediate turnoffs. Here are a few decent ones we've heard . . .

1. Having no bio at all. It ruins your chances because people don't know what you have in common, or how to start a conversation with you.

2. Listing REQUIREMENTS that have to do with looks, like height and weight. Even if someone fits the requirements, being too superficial can be a turnoff.

3. The line, "Don't waste my time." It makes you sound irritated before we've even talked to you.

4. Photos where you're flipping off the camera. It's pretty common because people think they look fun or cool. But it's kind of like flipping off all your potential matches.

5. Long rants about the type of person you DON'T want to date. It's more attractive if you're positive and focus on the things you DO want.

6. Overused clichés. Things like "I'm fluent in sarcasm" . . . "I don't like drama" . . . or "I'm looking for a partner in crime."

7. Quotes from the show"The Office", or anything else that's too mainstream. It's okay if it's something more obscure though.

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