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Here Are The Top 5 TV Shows That Haunted My Dreams As A Kid.... -Sadie

I'm just gonna jump into this list.

5.) Are You Afraid of the Dark- I know, I know. But the idea of a secret society going into the woods every night to tell scary stories blew my damn mind. But I will say that on a scary scale from 1-10, this show is a solid two, because it never actually made me cry, which I occasionally do when scared.

4.) H.R. Pufinstuf- I'm 99% sure I heard that this show was actually created by writers taking LSD. I have never taken LSD, and thanks to H.R. Pufinstuf, I never will. And also because it's illegal...nor has it ever been offered to me. JK drugs are bad.

3.) ANYTHING from Jim Henson- I know he brought us Sesame Street, but other than that it just been weird puppet s***.

2.) Tales From the Crypt- I was born in the 80's so this was our generations Twilight Zone. Except the Twilight Zone didn't have a Crypt Keeper who just laaaauuuughed and laughed, and every one at the sleepover thought it wasn't THAT scary, and then I had to leave the sleepover because "my grandpa died"....again. And it was also important that my sweater was tied around my waist. AND MAYBE THE CRAZIEST PART OF Tales From the Crypt was the fact that you could only watch it on HBO! That means you just pissed yourself in front of a bunch of rich kids who's parents could afford cable. Hypothetically, I mean. That's how scary that show was.


1.) Unsolved Mysteries- Robert Stack may be solving crimes with the angels now, but at one time this dudes voice immediately caused a little piss to come out of my pantaloons. Which, now looking back, sound like a really uncool superpower. His name could be like "THE PP VOICE AVENGER". Anywho, a few years ago Netflix re-released a new season of updated nightmares for my children to now enjoy. At first I was like "No way the re-boot will be any good" but then I watched it and I was like "Holy shiz, this is still one spooky ass show."

That's it. Have a great day.


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