Five Random Facts at 5:00 for Thursday June 3

Here are some random facts for you . . .

1. There's no copyright or patent protection on magic tricks. If a magician invents a trick, anyone's free to use it . . . you just have to figure out how it's done. But there's an unwritten code, so most magicians refuse to use other magicians' tricks.

2. Your lungs aren't symmetrical. The left lung is smaller and has two lobes . . . the right lung has three.

3. There's only one state capital that doesn't share any letters with the state it's the capital of: Pierre, South Dakota.

4. People who work in offices without windows sleep an average of 46 minutes less per night than people in offices with windows.

5. Phil Mickelson's nickname is "Lefty" . . . but he's right-handed. The only thing he does left-handed is golf because he'd watch his dad golf when he was little and mirror his swings.

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Hear Scott and Sadie expertly deliver the facts here...

Five Random Facts at 5:00 for Thursday June 3