Colorado's Butterfly Pavilion Wants Help Naming It's New Octopus

Remember a few years back when the public got to name that big, nice, new ship, and they went with "Boaty McBoatFace?" Well, now that annoying phenomenon could be hitting closer to home. 

Colorado's Butterfly Pavillion got a new octopus, and they want help naming it. And of course something like "Suckers McSquishyFace" is one of the options. 

Other options are “Sir Inks A Lot,” “Tako” which is Japanese for octopus, “Inky McInkFace,” and Terrance “Terry” Tentacles.

If the name you voted for is selected, you’ll win a year-long family membership to the Butterfly Pavilion and an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the zoo.

You can cast your vote online on the Butterfly Pavilion website. Voting closes Friday.

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