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So Proud of These Kids Showing Great Sportsmenship

Little League teams across the country right now are playing in tournaments, trying to get to the Little League World Series, which will be played later this month in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

One of these games was played yesterday in Waco, Texas -- and something happened that was bigger than the sport.

A pitcher on a team from Pearland, Texas, threw a pitch -- and hit a batter from Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the head.

It was a scary moment for sure, but the batter had a helmet on and was unhurt.

While heading to first base, the batter saw that the pitcher was rattled. The idea of hurting another player really bothered this pitcher.

The batter from the Oklahoma team took the time to talk to the pitcher from the Texas team and console him.

The batter called time out, approached the pitcher's mound and could be heard to say, "Hey, you’re doing just great."

Video of the meet-up at the mound has gone viral -- a demonstration of great sportsmanship, even when the stakes are the highest.

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