This Years Greeley Stampede Cancels. My Thoughts.

Please allow me to be a little sad, a little corny and downright mad. Not mad at the Greeley Stampede. Not mad at politics. I'm mad at COVID-19 for taking away the opportunity to make memories with my family at one of our favorite events. Mad because I won't get to see the Stampede crew who I've grown to love seeing over the past decade as on air personality, as well as pretty much my entire life. I can remember loading into the family roadster every summer heading to the Greeley to watch rodeos and concerts. Bringing my friends to ride the carnival rides late into the night. So many special moments pop into my head and make me smile. This is where the sadness comes in. Now with a family of my own 2020 will not be spent making memories at the Stampede. The committee members did the right thing. I know each one of them, and they would never in a million years put their guests at risk. Pulling the plug on this summers festival means that they probably took a major hit. This is an event that's planned all year, with many, many people working tirelessly to make it a memorable experience. Putting on the Greeley Stampede is no simple undertaking, and they do it for the northern Colorado community.

Here's the good news. Next year my family will be ready to come back to the Greeley Stampede to make those memories. BIG 979 will show up and support our friends and partners stronger than ever.

I am saying THANK YOU to my friends. All of the Susan's and all of the Steve's who make up this wonderful organization. Thank you for all of the years of memories, and thank you for taking care of our community. Here's to the best Greeley Stampede yet in 2021!