Scott and Sadie

Scott and Sadie

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Episode 573: I have a lockbox of dumbass information in the back of my brain.

Episode 572: I do not want to die to anything by Journey.

They weren't that bad, were they?

Episode 571: Taylor Dust

It's everywhere.

Episode 570: Panic Attack!

It happens.

Episode 569: Afterbirth Photography is a bad name for a business.

It just is.

Episode 568: Elk wiener and the Hogg Foundation

Listen. It'll make sense.

Episode 567: The Parade Playlist

They're are all the same.

Episode 566: You did Iowa right!

Apparently, there is a right and a wrong way to do Iowa.

Episode 565: My kid will focus on drinking.

That's our luck.

Episode 564: The suckery has been there for years.

Well, it has.