Scott and Sadie

Scott and Sadie

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Episode 467: I'm not good at math, but that's pretty rudimentary...

Episode 466: Diarrhea on the hardwood floor

A suburban horror story.

Episode 465: Fiber cookies

They're delicious.

Episode 464: She's my lover, that taco in bed...

Thanks. We appreciate you more than you know.

Episode 463: He's gonna hate it.

Happy Monday - thanks for listening!

Episode 462: You could be a White House squirrel!

Happy Friday!

Episode 461: She hated you and she hated you and she hated you...

Thanks for listening!

Episode 460: Lift his leg so he could get into the General Lee...

It was sad. But thanks for listening!

Episode 459: I'm gonna save that for later...

Have a great weekend!

Episode 458: Let's stop for chili dogs!

Thanks for listening!