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Scott and Sadie

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Community Partners Unite

Our friends at the Holiday Twin Drive-In are stepping up to help our Firefighters! Here's how YOU can join them.......

To help first responders with the Cameron Peak Fire, The Holiday Twin is collecting items to help personnel working the fire lines. If you would like to contribute we are collecting the following items (for Sunday delivery, all of this weeks donations must be made by Saturday at 4pm):


Self contained, healthy/high protein, snacks like granola bars/power bars etc.



Reusable masks



Items can be dropped off anytime from 6am-4pm at the back of the Holiday Twin Snack bar. If you are coming to the movies, you can also bring your donation.

The Holiday Twin will match all donations made and deliver the items to the Cameron Peak Fire.

A member of our staff is connected with emergency services and the Scout Camp in that area and spoke with personnel, including the Ranger on site and this is the list he and the Fire Chiefs gave us. We support any efforts to help our brave firefighters. Our staff member works for the Scout Camp and has been given this list along with permission to take the collected supplies to a meeting point. These supplies will then be distributed as the Fire Chief dictates.

Pretty Cool! Be sure to follow their Facebook page for updates!

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