THE LIST: Five Signs You're at a Bad Pizza Place

Here are five signs you're at a bad pizza place . . .

1. It's super cheap. Some places opt for quantity over quality, which is fine. Just know you're probably not getting the BEST pizza.

2. The crust looks too pale. The crust is really important. So don't settle on a place where you always eat the main part of the pizza but toss the crusts.

3. Ask what type of flour they use. If it's "bleached" or "bromated," that's a bad sign. Potassium bromate is a food additive used to make the crust rise. And it's banned in some countries because it's a possible carcinogenthat could cause cancer.

4. The place caters to the "drunk food" crowd. Places like that tend to crank out as much cheap pizza as possible. Because drunk people don't care.

5. Their plain cheese slice isn't any good. If their base pizza isn't good, no amount of toppings are going to make it great.

(Fox News)

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THE LIST: Five Signs You're at a Bad Pizza Place