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The Best Speeding Ticket Excuses Include...

These won't work if you're doing 110 when the speed limit is 55. But if you ever get pulled over, remember this list . . .

An annual survey asks people if they've ever gotten out of a speeding ticket, and how they did it. And the strategy that works best is . . . just playing dumb. Here are the ten excuses with the highest success rates . . .

1. "I didn't know I was speeding." It works 26% of the time.

2. "There's a medical emergency," 25%.

3. "Everyone else was going the same speed," 22%.

4. "I'm late for work," 21%.

5. "I have to use the bathroom," 20%.

6. "I'm late for an interview," 16%.

7. "I'm late to pick up or drop off my kid," 15%.

8. "I didn't see the speed limit sign," 14%.

9. "I'm late for court," 13%.

10. "I'm late for a doctor's appointment," 13%. Just asking for a warning might work too. Almost half of people who've done it said it's worked before. 


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The Best Speeding Ticket Excuses Include...

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