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Sadie Went to the Monster Truck Show- A Friendship Blog

Saturday night 4/16/2022 was the evening that I went to The Toughest Monster Trucks at the Budweiser Events Center, and I'm about to be real with you....I didn't want to go. I fell asleep watching Seinfeld on Netflix ( Season 6 is the best of them all). Anyway, I was like "Oh crap! I'm supposed to go to host a suite at the Toughest Monster Truck Show for the winners of our giveaway tonight." Wow, was I sad because I just wanted to be a disgusting ******* ** ***** and eat KFC. The pants came back on and the bra was re-clasped because this is my damn job and these winners were promised an evening of laughter and really loud trucks. Like, loud AF. Shout out to the promoter of Monster Trucks, Kelly, for providing earplugs.

I parked, I walked to the entrance and then they told me that there was a clear bag policy and I yelled **** **** ****. Points if you can solve my horrible Wheel of Fortune puzzle. You can message our fb page with guesses. Where was I? Oh, yes, the Monster Truck Show........

Here's a peek behind the curtain. Sometimes, we, as personalities, are given away as a prize. That has always seemed so odd to me, that someone would care to even talk to me. I am seriously the lady who waves at someone waving at someone else behind me. I'm that lady. So when I entered the suite I was concerned. Also, they could have been complete weirdos which worried me a little as well. But they weren't. They were ******* AWESOME! Our BIG 97.9 Toughest Monster Trucks at the Budweiser Events Center Suite (long contest name) winner was a delightful fella named Mark. He brought his lovely wife, their 4 children, a close friend and pop pop. Instantly the family embraced me and I was on cloud 9 just floating around, but that could have been the monster truck fumes I was inhaling. I for real liked this family. I wouldn't write a blog if they were ******* *******, you know?

Here's what I learned about this wonderful family and what I learned about myself.....

Little Dusty, (youngest son age about 8) got his very own motorbike for Christmas. He can barely touch the damn floor in the pictures I saw, but he was in genuine awe of the nights spectacle and really seemed inspired.

Mckayla is about to graduate from COLLEGE! GAHHHHHHHHH! They told me all about the intimate, close friends and family type of celebration they were planning and it sounded amazing, so then I asked if I could come. They're going to get back to me with a head count and decision later this week. Finger crossed! Just kidding. I'm showing up regardless.

Mark. What can I say about Mark. He's about as nice as they come. His wife Cinnamon? SIDE NOTE- I have literally met 2 different people with the legal name Cinnamon. I'm shook. Anyway, Cinnamon is the kind of mom everyone wants. A proud Marine Mama bear. It was truly an honor standing next to her during our National Anthem. They also have another son and a few of his fingers were cut off in a freak accident and the story was bonkers and he was rocking those stubs like he invented the ol' machinery finger cut off phenomenon. He made it his own.

And, finally, Papa or Pop Pop as I called him all night. I just feel like he might be the coolest 70-something year old I've ever met. As you can see in picture #1 of the monster truck slideshow, we got along like peas and carrots and I'm probably going to hang out with him at McKayla's graduation party. Maybe drive together or something. Plans pending.

Bottom Line and Lesson Learned: Sometimes God forces you to put your bra back on and he says "get out there and meet some really kick ass folks, Sadie." And I'm like "Okay". These people taught me about beer salt, how to NOT get my fingers cut off, but most of all they taught me about love because not once the entire evening did anyone call someone else a stupid *** *********** * ******, like in my family. It was inspiring.

Were the monster trucks cool? Of course they were cool. Was the Budweiser Events Center on top of their game that night? You know they were. But even though we were in a beautiful suite with a private bathroom (game changer) and personal hostess (I died), the real lesson of night was that there are some really cool people if you leave your house sometimes. I got to meet some on Saturday night. Thanks for letting us hang out, Daniel's family, and that guy that hates his ex-wife.

Thank You for being kind.

  • The * symbol is used in lieu of curse words. Happy hunting!

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