The Scott and Sadie Daily for FRIDAY February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day...

Ace Ventura, Sexist?

Is THIS Jim Carrey's #MeToo moment?

Ain't Technology Grand?!

THIS article exams the tech that changed our lives most in the last decade...

And they filmed the damn thing...

Twenty-foot great white. Enough said. See the vid HERE.

Danger - You Think It's Love, But It's a Scam!

Police warn of dating site scam HERE.

Do You Think Your Neighbors Stink?

Wait until you read about THIS GUY.

Today's LIST Will Come in Handy For Some...

It's the Five Valentine's Day Gifts You Can Buy RIGHT NOW and Not Look Like You've Totally Dropped the Ball!

Romance on the Tube

Are THESE the best TV Couples of all time?

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